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  Mission Statement  

McKinley Technology High School: Redefining urban STEM education by creating life-long learners who are leaders in the ever-changing and connected world.
MTHS is a premier STEM high school that provides a nurturing environment where school and community stakeholders empower all students to graduate as ethical, global citizens prepared for college and careers.

McKinley Technology High School has always held the core values within high esteem. We are not only a school, but also a community working in synchronization to accomplish like goals. Responsibility, Accountability, Unity, and Diligence separates us from other schools within the city. Our staff and students share equal responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a quality learning experience. Now a Blue Ribbon school, we are constantly pushing the envelope hoping to one day achieve the title of: “Top Performing School in the World.”  

No Excuses, Just Solutions!!

MTHS helps students develop skills and habits they need to succeed in their lives, education and careers. Our six “McKinley Pillars of Success” adapt the 21st Century Skills needed for today’s careers with those of McKinley’s unique STEM learning culture. The Pillars serve as standards of success for our students and our academies community. Examples of these Pillars are below:  

1.    G.R.I.T. - Goals, Responsibility, Integrity and Tenacity

⦁    Having goals, motivation and self-empowerment
⦁    Responsibility for learning - focusing, note taking and class preparation
⦁    Honesty and an ethic of contributing to community
⦁    Persevering through adversity.  Our Motto: “No Excuses, Just Solutions”  

2.    Professionalism

⦁    Doing quality work
⦁    Workplace etiquette: courtesy, punctuality, respect for deadlines
⦁    Career seeking skills, including, networking, resumes and interviewing
⦁    Dressing for success

3.    Critical Thinking

⦁    Creativity and innovation
⦁    Research and analysis
⦁    Problem solving
⦁    Self-evaluation and reflection

4.    Communication  

⦁    Listening and persuading
⦁    Presentation and public speaking (in-person and using electronic media)
⦁    Networking skills

5.    Teamwork

⦁    Collaboration
⦁    Group leadership
⦁    Project Management

6.    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Mastery

⦁    Understanding a variety of STEM careers and having at least one concentration
⦁    Using technology for research, analysis and collaboration
⦁    Applying concepts from science, technology, engineering & math

  About The School  

McKinley Technology High School

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McKinley Technology High School (MTHS) is part of the McKinley Technology Educational Campus, which also houses McKinley Middle School. MTHS is the only STEM application school in the District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) system. Three CTE tracks of study are offered to our students. These include: Information Technology, Engineering, and Biotechnology. We are a National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academies school and will be graduating our first NAF class, June 2017.