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Jones, M. Louise Principal
West, Melodie Assistant Principal
White, Andri Director, Strategy & Logistics
Pridgeon, Michael Assistant Principal

Antwi-obimpeh, George Social Studies
Barrera, Francisco Biotechnology
Barsi, Katherine Foreign Language
Bednarz, Caroline Social Studies
Bennett, Kiana Science
Broudy, Rachel English
Butler, Alysha Social Studies
Butler , Latasha Science
Collier, Dina Special Education
Crumpton, Bryan Health Education
Dasenbrook, Christopher Information Technology
Dickinson, Raymond ROTC
Disla, Lizmarie Foreign Language
Elwell, Sarah Library
Fishman-Printup, Shira Math
Friedman, Marissa Science
Giesen, Tyler Science
Grimm, Christopher Engineering
Hammond, John Math
Harris, Charlee Health Education
Henson, Yolanda Fine Arts
Hoyt, Christopher Math
Iacovone, Michael Information Technology
Igoudjil, M. Kamel English
Jamison, Renee English
Kohlbatz, Nantambu Information Technology
Louis , Narom Engineering
Mulabah, Bessie Math
Reynolds, Lashaunda Social Studies
Rhymes, Meghan Math
Richardson, Sherry Biotechnology
Saahir, Hamidullah Information Technology
Sansing, Desiree English
Shaw, Tyrone Social Studies
Siegfried, Rachel Fine Arts
Smythe, Jonathan Science
Stalnaker , Kim Social Studies
Stoica, Ioana Math
Taylor, Michael Social Studies
Tendler, Seth English
Thompson, Kathy Foreign Language
Wallace, Linda English
Wang, Jen Foreign Language
Wilson, Charlie ROTC

Alston, Charles Administrative Assistant
Bloodworth, Natalie Mental Health Professional
Brundidge, Denise School Psychologist
Cain, Ronnie Dean of Students
Coles, Amber Attendance Counselor
Graves, Sheila Clinical Social Worker
Hansborough, Jacqueline IT Assistant
Hatton, Tracy Business Manager
Hayslett, Torri NAF - College and Career Manager
Holm, Robert Director of IT Academy, NAF
Jarrett, Kristin Director of Admissions
Lesley, Kenneth Director of Engineering Academy, NAF
Locklear, Linda Registrar
Louis, Roledine Administrative Assistant
Mason, Tanisha Counselor - 10th, 12th C-P
Mitchell, Schelly DC-CAP Advisor
Riley, Quiana Clinical Social Worker
Saunders, Rachelle Athletic Trainer
Sims, Michael ISS Coordinator
Welsh, Fayola Counselor - 9th, 12th A-B
Wilkerson, LaShay Athletic Director
Wilson, Valerie Counselor - 11th, 12th-Q-Z