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Summer Assignments

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Social Studies
Tyrone Shaw ( Greetings future AP World History students! You have decided to take on the greatest challenge of your academic career. AP World History is a college level course covering "everything that has ever happened ever." Your summer assignment must be completed and ready to go buy the end of the first week of school. Please read all directions carefully. The assignment is attached here. It may be a good idea to save a copy of these documents to your computer, just in case. Late assignments will not be accepted as you will be quizzed on the information from the packet on the second week of school. This packet will contain roughly three weeks of work. If you procrastinate and wait until summer is almost over, you will find it nearly impossible to finish. If you pace yourself throughout summer, this will be done faster than you think. I will be available intermittently throughout the summer via e-mail so please do not expect an immediate response.
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Social Studies
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