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Local School Advisory Team

McKinley Tech High School LSAT Meeting Minutes - May 20, 2019


1. Call to Order

2. Review 4/29/19 Minutes

3. LSAT Chair's Report

a. Engagement & Fundraising | Cmsr. Sylvia Pinkney, ANC 5E & MTHS Alumni Assn.- Leon Segears,

b. FY2020 Update

4. Principal's Report- Dr. Louise Jones

5. McKinley Tech's LSAT SY Close Out

6. LSAT Elections for SY 2019-2020

7. Discussion/Questions/Next Steps

LSAT Members:

Sherice Muhammad, Chair Todd Richardson - absent

Jennifer Rous, Secretary- absent Theodora Brown

John Hammond Kenneth Lesley Sherry Richardson Valerie Wilson Tanisha Mason Alecia Witherspoon

Geri Averytt, PTO President- absent


Dr. Louise Jones Andri White

Dr. Kimbria Jackson

Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney, ANC 5E-04 SMD Leon Segears, MTHS Alumni Assn., President Mike Clark,
Ward 5 Civic Association

Meeting was called to order at 6:07 pm.


1. Quorum: Chair determined a quorum was present.

2. Minutes: The meeting minutes from April 29 were handed out to review. Corrections, six (6),
noted per the LSAT. Muhammad Motion to adopt with the corrections noted. Hammond Second. Vote:
In favor. Muhammad to provide to Dr. Jones for upload to the McKinley school website.

3. LSAT Chair's Report:

Engagement and Fundraising:

a. Introduction of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Sylvia M. Pinkney, ANC 5E-04; McKinley
Technology High School is situated in her single member district. Cmsr. Pinkney and Muhammad have
had conversations about building working relationship between MTHS and ANC 5E to work on Safe
Passage program logistics, fundraising efforts of PTO/LSAT and general collaborative efforts to
include Cmsr. Pinkney's involvement with the PTO and LSAT initiatives. One project, initiated by
MTHS PTO President, Geri Averytt to have DDOT Traffic Control Officers on New York Avenue NE to
assist MTHS students crossing from the school to the NoMa Metro Rail Station. Cmsr. Pinkney agreed
to assist and proceeded to brief the LSAT on the DDOT plans [Scenario 6] for the Dave Thomas Circle
(Wendy's location). It was decided Scenario 6 plans means that Florida Avenue NE, Eckington Place
NE and First Street NE would be artery streets that would go straight. There will be a new bike
lane on First Street NE that will turn from First Street onto Florida Avenue NE. There will be
additions of three small pocket parks where mothers and children may cross to get to green space.
Discussion on collaboration of the LSAT/PTO with Cmsr. Pinkney on Safe Passage with the additional
resources of Violence Interrupters from the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE) and
Office of the Attorney General (OAG). More engagement with their offices to come. Cmsr. Pinkney
mentioned her lobby with CM Kenyan R. McDuffie's office (Ward 5) for the activation of the Near Act
where she passed an ANC 5E resolution in support of the Near Act and the release of resources
associated with it. She also briefed the LSAT on her work in the single member district and greater
community with focus on the drug activities and the challenges to combat it. ANC 5E Grant provides
$2,500 in grant funds where constituents are able to apply. There is also Public Space grants
available to apply as well. Cmsr. Pinkney closed with a briefing on the drug activities within the
community and how organized it is and shifts from house to house.

b. Introduction of Leon Segears, President of the MTHS Alumni Association: Muhammad invited Mr.
Segears to attend the LSAT meeting based on prior conversations to invoke the engagement and
support of the MTHS Alumni Association in four areas: 1) Fundraising for the school, 2) Scholarship
Opportunities for individual students, 3) Career Pathways for the CTEs and

4) Internships and Community Service sponsors for students via the MTHSAA network. Mr. Segears,
spoke about various sources of grants and awards, Verizon is one source. He went on to talk about
fundraising strategies used with other schools to target public, private and government funding
sources. There's considerable funds/awards that go unclaimed. Mr. Segears talked about the MTHSAA's
annual fundraising efforts andentrepreneurial initiatives to support alum who wish to give back to the school.

Moving forward, MTHAA will work with the MTHS LSAT/PTO to meet the needs of the identified wish list of funding needs.

It will also assist with Career Day where students may expand the depth of the multi-directions of STEM industries for education and professional pursuits.

MTHSAA will also help with exposure of the CTE student projects and programs to identify more
scholarships and internships for students.

FY2020 Follow-Up | Lobby for MTHS Funding- Update:

a. Chair reported continued efforts on her part and LSAT members who have been lobbying and
remains in action with the D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson's office, and CM Kenyan R.
McDuffie, Ward 5 and CM Vince Gray, Ward 7 for supplemental funding for the Biotechnology program
($50K). Brown reported that she and Muhammad are in talks with CM McDuffie's office to bring equity
across the three STEM academies with a focus on the Biotechnology. CM McDuffie reiterated his
interest in the At- Risk Funding contribution.

4. Principal's Report:

a. Dr. Jones reported that the Biotechnology CTE will become a NAF Academy. The funds are not all
allocated. However, the plan is, we will have a CTE Manager (Biotechnology Manager) to oversee the
program. We will review the non-personnel funds and work with Cliff Martin to see what other funds
can be identified and set aside for the Biotechonology program. The Biotechonology teachers and CTE
Manager will have the opportunity to attend the NAF conference in Detroit. We are still working on
the master schedule trying to meet the needs of all of the different departments. The Biotechnology
teacher position will be half Biotechnology and half other. We may be able to find a
Biology/Chemistry teacher or Biology/Physics teacher. We have found some candidates, but we have to
convince the members of the Personnel Committee that we've found individuals that really should be
at MTHS. In addition, of rethinking the TLI Math and TLI Social Studies Leap Leaders, if I ask to
re-program the funds, and Dr. Jones cannot make the request until mid-June 2019, then if allowed to re-program one of the TLI coaching positions, then we can free up a position for Social Studies. That's still in the works. 

Brown chimed in her efforts with Muhammad in lobbying CM McDuffie's office specifically for the
Biotechnology CTE program. Efforts continues as well. Dr. Jones also reported that the secondary
principals met with Dr. Lewis Ferebee, DCPS Chancellor regarding budgeting. LSAT members identified
the interest in lobbying efforts with his office as well. Dr. Jones reported on a Joint PTO
Coalition event with Dunbar High School (5/21/19), where the panel will include: WMATA, MPD, DCPS
Security/Safety Office (Mr. Thomas). Cmsr. Pinkney chimed that she has requested a Safety
Investigation of T Street NE, which becomes chaotic with traffic at the time of dismissal. There
is consideration in making T Street NE it a one-way street. Dr. Jones gave an update on hiring.

An offer was made to a candidate for the Behavioral Technician. The candidate turned it down. So, the search continues to fill the position. An offer was also made for a Math teacher, CTE Biotechnology Manager and Biotechnology teacher. There is still a need for the Biology/Physics teacher. Cmsr. Pinkney suggested partnering with MTHS to do a 5K to raise money.

5. LSAT Business:

a. No June Meeting: Elections only. The LSAT has agreed to carry out the elections in June 2019
as stipulated by our regulations rather than waiting until the SY 2019-2020. Muhammad will work
with AP West and Brown to put out the notifications both online and in writing. Open call for
nominations for SY 2019-2020 LSAT.

b. Hammond requested attention and fundraising efforts for the CSC. LSAT will include CSC in
shepherding fundraising efforts and support.

c. S. Richardson thanked the LSAT for the lobbying efforts for the Biotechnology CTE program;
Spend Plan review for more focus; Dr. Jones suggested having DCPS Central Office sending its Grant
Specialist to come to MTHS for a workshop to bring faculty up to speed on its Spend Plan policies.

Chair moved for adjournment. Lesley second. Vote: In favor Meeting adjourned at 7:17pm

Notice: MTHS LSAT Elections for SY 2019-2020 on Thursday, June 13 via online

and paper ballot at MTHS.