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Local School Advisory Team

McKinley Tech High School LSAT Meeting Minutes - February 28, 2019


1. Welcome, Introductions

2. Review Minutes/Updates

3. LSAT Chair's Report

4. MTHS FY20 Budget Review and Discussion

5. Discussion/Questions/Next Steps

LSAT Members:

Sherice Muhammad, Chair

Todd Richardson

Jennifer Rous, Secretary

Theodora Brown

John Hammond

Kenneth Lesley

Sherry Richardson

Valerie Wilson

Tanisha Mason

Alecia Witherspoon - absent

Nyah McDaniel - absent

Antonia Brown - absent

Geri Averytt, PTO President - absent


Dr. Jones

Kimbria Jackson

Andri White

Ijeoma Kush

Torri Hayslett

LaShay Wilkerson

Meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm.


1. Quorum: Chair asked for introductions of those present and determined a quorum was present.

2. Minutes: The meeting minutes from February 4 were handed out to review. Minor changes were made to the minutes. Muhammad Motion to adopt with the discussed amendments with T. Brown Second. Vote: In favor. Rous to provide to Dr. Jones for upload to the McKinley Website.

3. Updates: There were no updates to any actions from the last meeting.

4. LSAT Chair's Report: Muhammad distributed budget materials for discussion including department allocations, budget worksheet, comprehensive school plan snapshot, and DCPS comptroller source group and agency objects. Additionally, a letter to Mayor Bowser from Councilman McDuffie was provided. This letter encouraged Mayor Bowser to increase funding at McKinley Tech for STEM expansion and for increased mental health support for all DCPS students. T. Brown reported that this letter was something that the previous year's LSAT had been diligently working towards on behalf of McKinley.

5. Dr. Jones Proposal: Dr. Jones provide a presentation that identified McKinley's budget overall, needs/wants and desires, and presented 2 options for the budget for 19-20.

* SY 18-19

* Total $8,019,005.00

* Personnel $7,794,621.00

* NPS $224,385.00

* SY 19-20

* Total $8,870,488

* Personnel $8,098,149

* NPS $341,059 (total $771,314)

* + security costs of $430,255 (new in budget)


a. Needs/Wants/Desires: More funds for bio-tech classroom supplies, equipment, field trips; Bio-Tech manager and teacher; funds for field trips in general; funds for furniture replacement; funds for computers (replace lost or stolen, broken, etc.); SAT class funding; funding for awards programs, assemblies; books for summer reading and for AP courses; ISS coordinator, behavior tech, more staff for supervison/safety; more teacher allotments; Saturday Academy funding; AP Academy funding; Tenacity Teacher/SAT Teacher; new cell phone lockers with clear fronts (to see in); new carpet/flooring for school (capital budget); new roof (capital budget); funds to assist clubs for competitions, exhibitions, performances, etc.; wages as earned (WAE) funds to pay for interim teacher if the need arises for an extra class; concession trailer for stadium; and sound system for the gym.

b. Option 1: Includes DCPS additions with funding for 1 CTE Teacher, 1 Biotechnology Academy Manager, and 0.5 Psychologist (to make full-time)

i. Reduce - 1 Dean, 0.5 PE/Health or 0.5 Science Teacher, 0.5 Counselor, 1 RW3 Custodian

ii. Additions - 2 Behavior Technicians, 0.5 PE/Health or 0.5 Chemistry/Science Teacher

iii. Substitutions/Conversions (net staffing=0) - 1 Instructional Coach convert to 1 Math TLI Leader

c. Option 2: Includes DCPS additions with funding for 1 CTE Teacher, 1 Biotechnology Academy Manager, and 0.5 Psychologist (to make full-time)

i. Reduce: 1 Social Studies Teacher, 0.5 Counselor, 1 RW3 Custodian, NPS budget by $3666. Reduce 2 instructional coaches

ii. Additions: 1 Behavior Technician, 1 TLI Leader (Social Studies) and I TLI Math

6. Discussion:

a. Counselors: Concern was expressed that reducing the counselors would severely impact the ability for students to apply to and be accepted to colleges as the counselors are responsible for sending all of the information to the different colleges. Their positions currently require significant administration workload and reducing to two would make it challenging for them to accomplish the work. Since the goal of the school is to make everyone college ready, the LSAT felt this was moving in the wrong direction. Although sharing a 0.5 counselor with another school was posed as an option, the group felt this would present delays for the students assigned to this individual and would not be equitable. The LSAT would look for other options to maintain the 3 counselor staffing currently at McKinley.

b. Social Studies Teacher: Discussion focused on McKinley's requirements 2 AP courses for the McKinley diploma and that many of the students use AP World History, AP Human Geography or AP US History to meet this requirement. Approximately 100 students are enrolled in AP Human Geography and approximately 75 in both AP World History and AP US History. Reductions of 6 sections of a social studies teacher would negatively impact the ability of the school to teach these sections and courses. The decision was made that at least one of the TLIs needed to be a Social Studies focus, so the net loss would be only for 3 sections of social studies.

c. Deans and Behavioral Technicians: Discussion focused on the proposal to reduce 1 Dean and add 2 Behavioral Technicians. The proposal was identified as a way to increase staffing to support in school suspensions and detentions. Behavior Technicians could also be used to support data collection and reporting. Concern was expressed that DCPS identifies these positions primarily for those students needing IEPs and that adding additional "policing" activities was not the best for a selective high school. That the real issues were on the school culture and holding the students accountable for their actions. That a return to the requirements stated in the school handbook were necessary. Dr. Jones indicated that behavior techs that are not for special education do many duties associated with deans and aides.

7. Final proposal: After much discussion and consideration of the options, the following proposal for staffing was identified:

a. Reduce: 0.5 PE Teacher, 1 RW3 Custodian, 1 Social Studies Teacher

b. Additions: 1 Behavior Technician, 0.5 Counselor (to keep at current level of 3)

c. Substitutions/Conversions (net staffing=0) - 2 Instructional Coaches convert to 2 TLI Leaders (1 Math and 1 Social Studies)

8. Dr. Jones will submit to DCPS and LSAT Chair will provide comments and approve.

Chair discussed adjourning the meeting. Vote: In favor

Meeting adjourned at 8:48

Next Meeting March 25, 2019 @ 6 pm