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Over the next couple of days, all summer assignments will be posted. Thank you for your patience

Mr. Shaw



All students taking AP World History next school year are required to complete a summer assignment. Please use the link below to complete the MS Office From to gain access to the assignment.

Ms. Stalnaker


What is AP?


“AP” stands for “Advanced Placement,” which is a term used to designate courses that are nationally standardized and managed by an organization called “College Board.” College Board ensures that AP classes across the globe are taught using the same challenging curriculum that they develop in conjunction with college professors across the country. The class focuses on 3 main themes:


1) the role of geography in human life

2) the impact of humans on their environment

3) the tensions between globalization and cultural diversity.

Why take AP?

Competitive colleges around the country look to see that you have challenged yourself in high school and look very favorable upon students who have accepted the rigor of AP classes in high school. Moreover, students who perform well on the AP exams are often eligible for college credit! In addition, McKinley requires that all students take two AP classes before they graduate. What will the AP exam look like? All AP courses end with a nationally standardized exam in May. Our exam is comprised of two parts: 60 multiple-choice questions (60 mins) and three Free-Response Questions (75 mins)



 Purpose: The purpose of the summer assignment is to strengthen your geographic knowledge so you’re already familiar with the countries and continents of the world before beginning a deeper analysis of global issues.


  • Use the following website -

  • Click on “geography map games” -

  • Complete the level 1 map for the following continents until you get 100%

  • You will be quizzed on the following during the school year in this order

    • World map – continents and oceans (first week of school)

    • U.S. 50 states

    • Asia

    • Africa

    • South America (unfortunately, this website doesn’t have Central America and the Caribbean, so we’ll work on this during class)

    • Europe

Mr. Douglas

AP Precalculus Summer Assignment 24-25

Ms. Jamsion

English Summer Reading Assignments 

Mr. Simmons

AP Cal AB and AP Cal BC Summer Assignment 24-25
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