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Welcome to the NAF Academy of Information Technology at McKinley Technology High School! McKinley's Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) prepares students for some of the most exciting technology jobs of today and the future. It does this through rigorous technology curriculum, work-based learning projects, career exploration, company tours, guest speakers, mentors and paid internships.

By linking the Academy's career-related IT courses with core courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies, the Academy helps students gain the personal, analytical, technical, and communication skills needed for success. It helps build the motivation and confidence that will help students to succeed in high school, college and any career.

McKinley's Three Career Pathways in IT

McKinley's Information Technology Academy encompasses three career academies in one. Academy students can choose from separate programs of study in three career pathways including Computer Science, Networking and Digital Media.

Computer Science: In a nutshell, Computer Science includes writing, testing and modifying software. McKinley has begun to integrate the nationally recognized Project Lead the Way curriculum. Courses in this pathway include:

• Computer Science Essentials
• AP Computer Science Principles 

• AP Computer Science Applications
• Video Game Design
• Cybersecurity

Networking: The networking pathway focusses on planning and designing computer systems that integrate hardware, software and communication technology. Courses in this pathway include:

• I.T. Essentials: PC Hardware and Software
• Networking for Home and Small Businesses
• Routing and Switching
• Designing and Supporting Computer Networks
• Cyber Security

Digital Media: The Digital Media pathway gives students the skills to design and develop digital content (photos, video, animation, websites, etc.) that has been encoded to communicate digitally across a variety of mediums. Courses in this pathway include:

• Introduction to Digital Media
• Digital Media
• Web Design

• 3-D Modeling & Animation
• Digital Portfolio

Support for Internships

All McKinley AOIT students receive preparation and are required to complete a paid internship by the time of graduation. Typically, students complete those internships in the summer of their Junior year using Washington DC's Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). To apply for internships, students can begin here:

To prepare for those internships, students must complete our employability curriculum entitled "Tenacity". That curriculum will help them prepare a resume, practice for interviews and build skills for success in a professional environment.

Our students have access to internships through a wide variety of organizations, including:

• Accenture
• Acquired Data Solutions
• Environmental Protection Agency
• Genesys Works
• International Trade Administration
• Limbic Systems
• On-Ramps to Careers
• Urban Alliance
• World Bank
• And many more!

Careers in Information Technology

From building cloud computing networks to creating cyber security applications, the services provided by Information Technology specialists are constantly evolving and in high demand. Computers and information technology touch nearly every aspect of modern life. Examples of the many jobs in information technology include:

• Software Developers and Programmers
• Computer Systems Analysts
• Network Administrators
• Information Security Analysts (Cyber Security)
• Graphic Designers
• Web Developers
• Business Analysts
• Helpdesk Support
• Network Engineers



• Robert Holm, Director, Academy of Information Technology
• Torri Hayslett, College and Career Manager, Engineering and Information Technology Academies
• Christopher Dasenbrook, Networking Instructor
• Michael Iacovone, Digital Media Instructor
• Nantambu Kohlbatz, Computer Science Instructor
• Hamidullah Saahir, Digital Media/Computer Applications Instructor

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