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School Admissions 2024-25

Frequently Asked Questions


What are you looking for in a McKinley Tech Applicant?

McKinley Tech is an academically challenging, STEM-focused school. We encourage all interested students to apply, however, the student who succeeds at McKinley Tech is hard-working, well-mannered, responsible, takes initiative, is willing to try new things, comes to school daily, takes chances, and is committed to their education and preparing for a positive future. Students with the strongest and most competitive applications will be evident by a strong academic record, especially in Math, Science, and English. They will also have supporting recommendations by teachers and counselors or administration who can attest to these student attributes.

What are the requirements for students to apply?

While there are no minimum GPA requirements for applicants to McKinley Technology High School, however a 3.0 or higher is typical of an accepted applicant to McKinley Tech. We look for students who are particularly strong in the areas of Math, Science and English. A typical accepted applicant to McKinley has above a 3.0 in all core subject areas.


All students also will need to submit a recommendation from their English and Math teachers, as well as from their School Counselor, or other school admin. Students will also complete an essay on the MySchoolDC application.


All requested documentation must be uploaded to the online application at for the application to be considered complete. To ensure a timely and accurate review of a student’s application, please only submit the application when all requirements have been addressed.   Upon receipt of a complete application, applications will be reviewed, and based on their application score, students MAY be contacted to participate in the first round of Admissions interviews, which includes an interview, conducted by a panel of 2 or more McKinley Tech representatives, as well as an on-site writing sample on their scheduled interview day.


*Not all applicants will be invited for an interview. Please check your Spam folders for interview offers as some notifications can end up in Spam inboxes.


After the first round of interviews and writing samples are completed and scored, a second interview may be required. Students will be notified via email if a second interview is requested. If requested, applicants must attend and participate in the second interview to be considered for admission to McKinley.

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